During this time of being somewhat housebound, let’s have a little fun with it. “Porch-traits” are pictures of you on your front porch or step. These pictures can be taken by a neighbour and sent to halcyondirectors@shawbiz.ca.

Maybe pictures of you “banging your pots and pans”, maybe pictures of you in your “jammies”, maybe pictures of you displaying a flamboyant hat, maybe pictures of you working on a hobby, or maybe just a simple picture of you on your front step or working in your garden. If you have a caption for your photo include it with the email. Your “Porch-traits” will be published here.

Click on a photo to enlarge and scroll through all photos. Enjoy!

Porch-traits posted on – May 08/20

More “porch-traits”.

Porch-traits posted on – May 06/20

More “porch-traits”. Good Lord …. even the puppies are “self-distancing “ ….good job!

Porch-traits posted on – May 05/20

More “porch-traits”. Driveway get together … or waiting for a parade.

Porch-traits posted on – May 04/20

More “porch-traits”. Dan Loewen’s Spring fishing gear!

Porch-traits posted on – May 02/20

More “porch-traits”.

Porch-traits posted on – May 01/20

More “porch-traits”.

Porch-traits posted on – April 30/20

“Couldn’t have said it better”!

Porch-traits posted on – April 29/20

More “porch-traits”.

Porch-traits posted on – April 27/20

More “porch-traits”. Jeanne has been very productive quilting while being shut-in. Garth really needs lessons playing the didgeridoo but at least he’s trying!

Porch-traits posted on – April 26/20

Here are a few more “porch-traits”.

Porch-traits posted on – April 25/20

Here are a few “porch-traits”. Seems Judy has been “shut in” too long, Loralei needs our help and Marilyn needs her hairdresser …..really bad!

Halcyon Library & Fitness Centre to Remain Closed

It has been requested that we re-open the library and the fitness centre. We have contacted Fraser Health and our property manager for guidance. Both have suggested that we are premature in opening these venues. The suggestion is that we keep everything closed and revisit at a later date. We realize that the library would provide an outlet during these times of “staying home” and “self isolation” but we must also ensure that we are doing everything possible to keep our residents safe. So, until further notice, everything at the clubhouse remains closed with the exception of the mail room.

Returning Snowbirds MUST Self Quarantine for 14 Days

We are still getting questions about the self isolation of returning snow birds. When you are in self isolation you must stay in your home at all time.

You DO NOT go out for groceries, you DO NOT visit with neighbours, you DO NOT walk your dog and you DO NOT go to the mail room.

This is for the protection of everyone in Halcyon as well as the community in general. There is no exceptions made. This is not a suggestion put forward by the Board of Directors, this is the law. We must all work together if we are going to “flatten the curve”.

Respectfully submitted by the Halcyon Board of Directors.