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Welcome to the Halcyon Meadows Social Club. We are a group of volunteers that organize various events and gatherings for the all of the residents of our community. Meetings held once a month.

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Programming a FOB to open garage door

For the FOB to work, the homeowner must have purchased a Linear MDR/U DNR00100 1-Channel Plug-in Receiver accessory when the new FOBs where issued.

The receivers are available on Amazon … click to view

To program an additional FOB to operate the garage door opener:

  1. A small grey Linear receiver box should be plugged into one of the electrical outlets in the ceiling by the garage door opener.
  2. There is a learn button and light on the side of the box. Press and release the button. The learn indicator will light up.
  3. Within 15 seconds while the indicator light is still lit, hold the FOB that you want to program up to the box. Press and hold the smaller grey button on the FOB (or one of  the other two small buttons) until the light start to flash.
  4. The FOB should now be programmed.

How to replace KEY FOB batteries … replace Linear ACT-34B batteries