HMHC Board of Directors

Richard Niddrie, President
Unit-037  Email:
Ph: H: 604-594-998 C: 60-364-3367

Gord McIvor, Vice -President
Unit-022  Email:
Ph: 604-824-9848

Phil Taylor, Treasurer
Unit-096  Email:
Ph: 604-824-0197

Jenn Williams, Secretary
Unit-117  Email:
Ph: 604-846-8333

Gary Alexander, Director Landscaping
Unit-035  Email:
Ph: 604-847-8115

Geoff Robey, Director Maintenance & Alterations
Unit-135  Email:
Ph: 604-819-4020

Members at Large:
Vern Sawyer, Complex Security Schedule
Ph: 604-847-9174

Lisa Knight, HMHC Website
Ph: 604-799-7837

Karen Robey, Guest Suites, Clubhouse Rentals,KeyFobs & Enterphone Directory
Ph: 778-371-9412

Unless it is an emergency, please contact the Board members through email at: halcyondirectors@shawbiz.caYou can also put all forms (maintenance, alteration & bylaw complaints) or correspondence in the mail box on the right hand side in the mail room. This is checked on a regular basis through the week.
Board meetings are on the last Wednesday of each month (unless otherwise notified) at 1:00 pm and all residents are welcome to attend. We also have 15 minutes of question or comment time at the end of the meeting for the residents to participate in.
The President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer are designated Officer positions as defined by the HMHC Bylaws. At least one officer must be at a meeting to have a quorum.

Definition of a Typical HMHC Director:

  1. A Director is a neighbour with the same rights and privileges and follows the same regulations as provided by HMHC Bylaws.
  2. A Director also pays the same fees as you do to live in the community. A Director is not paid for representing the community at large.
  3. Enforcement of Bylaws is the concern of all Directors. These Bylaws serve many purposes…from safety and security to peaceful enjoyment…to the prevention of our development becoming an unsightly place to dwell…or in other words, keeping the property values from depreciating.
  4. A Director must therefore read, and adhere to the bylaws, and is not allowed to deviate from these Bylaws on a personal level. This, or course, is usually in conflict with other residents of the community as, it is not mandatory they read the bylaws…they may plead ignorance when contravened.
  5. The Directors are presented with the sometimes overwhelming task of administration and servicing of just about everything within our front gates including the gates. Halcyon Meadows is basically a municipality unto itself. With the exception of our drinking water supplied by the District of Chilliwack and electricity by Hydro all other services are provided by the HMHC and administered by the Board of Directors on behalf of the 224 residences.

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