Emergency Preparedness

“It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret”


An emergency can be a fire, flood, earthquake, air pollution etc. Not all will require us to be evacuated but we must be ready to face whatever happens … AND be willing and ready to assist any of our neighbours in whatever way way be can. First take care of your own household before offering help to others.

Possible scenario’s:

  1. Fire – the trees behind our complex is a possible situation. Our Fire fighters will be on scene may ask us to evacuate. An order to evacuate will be done by the RCMP or the Fire fighters going door to door or via a loudspeaker Make sure you have an emergency kit to take with you.
  2. Earthquake – Drop, Cover &Hold on is the drill given by the province emergency preparation training. Depending on how severe the recommendation is to stay withing the complex and assemble an the nearest roundabount.
  3. Flood- We are on the high end of the city and a flood alert may not affect us since the Fairfield island may be the first to evacuate. However if we are ordered to evacuate it will be issued as in #1
  4. Air pollution – this may lead to an evacuation call as the result of a forest fire in the area of a train derailment causing dangerous goods to spill
  5. Tsunami – The general consensus from the Fire officials is it is unlikely a tsunami on the coast will travel this far into the eastern Fraser Valley.

Do you have an Emergency/Survival Kit equipped with all the essential supplies to sustain for 72 hours and beyond?

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If you don’t have an Emergency/Survival kit and are considering purchasing one … click to view some kits.

While you can purchase ready-made emergency kits, it’s easy to make your own. All of the supplies you need are available at most grocery and camping supply stores.

Here are some links to information on emergency preparedness:

Red Cross – how to prepare for an emergency
Canada Gov – make an emergency plan

Help Your Neighbours …
The last questionnaire about 2 months ago there were some 30 residents who indicated they will need some assistance in the case of an emergency. The response thus far has not been to well supported so we need to ask again if any resident can offer assistance to please contact:

Angus Haggarty
Unit 222

The main concern is if an evacuation order is given we need helpers; in the case of an earthquake we probably would be best to stay within the complex. Any other suggestions will be welcome

For those who already offered to help a great big thank you & residents needing help will be assigned to your kind offer to help.

Many thanks
Emergency Preparedness Team