Halcyon Meadows Social Club

Welcome to the Halcyon Meadows Social Club. We are a group of volunteers that organize various events and gatherings for the all of the residents of our community. Meetings held once a month.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact:

Whether you’re a newcomer or long time resident of Halcyon Meadows, come join us!


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Social Club Meeting – July 23, 2019

ATTENDANCE: Chairperson – Judy, Vice Chair – Anna, Treasurer – Sam, Secretary – Shirley, and 3 residents.
FINANCIALS: Closing bank balance: $5560.53
Petty cash: $680.90
Total closing balance: $6241.43
Petty cash includes golf pancake funds of: $537.40
SECRETARY POSITION – Shirley will be moving and has had to resign. Marion offered….Kathy will cover in Marion’s absence. THANKS, SHIRLEY FOR BEING SUCH A GREAT PART OF THE SOCIAL CLUB.
WEDNESDAY COFFEE SOCIAL – Shirley and Carl will no longer be able to carry this event as they are moving. The Wednesday Coffee will be hosted by Gordon and Ann Richards…3rd Wednesday of each month. MANY THANKS, SHIRLEY AND CARL FOR HOSTING THIS FOR THE LAST COUPLE OF YEARS.
WEEKLY HALCYON BULLETIN – will be looked after by Rob Sanders.
JULY 1st….good reviews…games and BBQ….well attended. Food cost to Social Club.. $441.43
CHAIR ROOM – Work continuing….Judy and Anna will research type and price of new flooring.
TABLES – Discussion re round or square tables i.e. socializing at functions…no decision was made. Will try using square tables.
Sept 11th – Golf Tournament
Sept 14th – Hamburgers and corn roast $10
Oct. 26th – Octoberfest
Dec. 07th – Christmas Dinner
Suggestion that the minutes of the Social club be attached to the agenda sent to all Halcyon residents.
Next Social Club meeting is August 29th.