Do you have a question that you think may be frequently asked by other residents? If so, send your question in an email to the halcyondirectors@shawbiz.ca and we will post it with an answer on the FAQ page.

The front gate will not open when I press #9 on my phone

First the obvious… the caller MUST be calling on the front gate enterphone system and not on their cell phone. If the visitor is calling on the enterphone and pressing #9 doesn’t work but it works for other residents… the problem is with your phone system. Most likely, the DTMF (dual tone multi frequency) tone from your phone with instructions to open the gate is too short to activate the gate. Try pressing #9 quickly 3 or 4 times and the gate should open. For a proper fix … If it worked before … did you change landline service providers Telus to Shaw or vise versa (incorrect installation). If using a cell phone did you change cell phones or get a recent android or apple software update? You may be able to adjust the DTMF tone to a longer length in settings.

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Is there a dog breed restriction?

Attached is a list of approved dog breeds… Dog Breed Guideline

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Can’t open front in gate by pressing #9 .. Intercom calls go direct to voicemail.

Check your phone to see if the front gate interphone number 847-3265 has been added to your phone’s blocked or spam list.

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Can I paint my house in a different colour combination?

No. As per the sub-lease, you must paint your house in the same colour scheme as it is now. The exterior colour codes are available on the Halcyon website’s Technical Info page or to view … click here.

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How do I go about renting an RV space?

Email the Board of Directors at halcyondirectors@shawbiz.ca for rental information and space availability.

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I purchased an additional Fob but it doesn’t open my garage door.

The Fobs are only pre-programmed to open the front gate. If your existing Fob(s) also opens your garage door then you must have the accessory Linear MDR/U DNR00100 1-Channel Plug-in Receiver connected to your garage door opener and plugged into the electrical outlet in the ceiling above the garage door opener.

To program your new Fob if you have the Linear receiver:

  • Press and release the learn button on the side of the small grey Linear box.
  • The learn indicator will light up.
  • Within 15 seconds while the indicator light is still lit, hold the FOB that you want to program up to the box.
  • Press and hold the smaller grey button on the FOB (or one of the other two small buttons) until the light start to flash.
  • The FOB should now be programmed

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My wife & I have separate email addresses. Can we both receive Community Notice emails?

Yes, send an email to the webmaster and include the email addresses that you would like added to the Halcyon residents email distribution list.

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Can our Halcyon club or social group send an email to the residents?

Send an email to the website and include the exact text of your message and it will be added to the next Sunday “Upcoming Events for all Residents” email.

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What if I don’t want my information on the website’s Resident Directory page.

Contact the webmaster and your contact information will be removed.

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Can I use a cell phone number in the front gate intercom system?

Yes, cell phone numbers can be used for the gate intercom.

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Can my vehicle’s HomeLink function open the front gate?

Yes, just follow your vehicle’s programming instructions. It can also be used to operate your garage door. Many residents use their vehicle HomeLink rather than the Fob and garage door remote.

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Who is responsible for fixing my broken mailbox lock?

Each resident is responsible for their mailbox compartment lock. Canada Post is only responsible for maintaining the locks to the master panels.

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Can my gate Fob be programmed to operate the garage door opener?

Yes and No. The Linear gate Fobs can be programmed to work with the older version of the LiftMaster garage door openers by installing a Linear MDR/U DNR00100 1-Channel Plug-in Receiver. Apparently when wired to a new Lift Master garage door opener with myQ connectivity it won’t activate the garage door, but there has been no investigation to see if it can be made to work. If in need of purchasing a new garage door opener, and you want the gate Fob to operate the garage door you may want to consider purchasing a Linear garage door a opener.

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What do I do if I lost or missplaced a gate Fob?

Contact the Board of Directors ASAP. Provide the Board with our name and unit number. If you have more than one Fob, include the ID number or numbers of your remaining Fob(s) when contacting the Board. For the security of the complex the lost or missing Fob will be deactivated. If the Fob is found, notify the Board and it will be reactivated.

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How can I get an additional front gate Fob?

Residents can order additional Fobs from the Board of Directors for $50.00 per Fob. When the money has been paid to a member of the Halcyon Board of Directors a Fob will be activated and delivered to the resident.

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