During this time of being somewhat housebound, let’s have a little fun with it. “Porch-traits” are pictures of you on your front porch or step. These pictures can be taken by a neighbour and sent to halcyondirectors@shawbiz.ca.

Maybe pictures of you “banging your pots and pans”, maybe pictures of you in your “jammies”, maybe pictures of you displaying a flamboyant hat, maybe pictures of you working on a hobby, or maybe just a simple picture of you on your front step or working in your garden. If you have a caption for your photo include it with the email. Your “Porch-traits” will be published here.

Click on a photo to enlarge and scroll through all photos. Enjoy!

Porch-traits posted on – May 08/20

More “porch-traits”.

Porch-traits posted on – May 06/20

More “porch-traits”. Good Lord …. even the puppies are “self-distancing “ ….good job!

Porch-traits posted on – May 05/20

More “porch-traits”. Driveway get together … or waiting for a parade.

Porch-traits posted on – May 04/20

More “porch-traits”. Dan Loewen’s Spring fishing gear!

Porch-traits posted on – May 02/20

More “porch-traits”.

Porch-traits posted on – May 01/20

More “porch-traits”.

Porch-traits posted on – April 30/20

“Couldn’t have said it better”!

Porch-traits posted on – April 29/20

More “porch-traits”.

Porch-traits posted on – April 27/20

More “porch-traits”. Jeanne has been very productive quilting while being shut-in. Garth really needs lessons playing the didgeridoo but at least he’s trying!

Porch-traits posted on – April 26/20

Here are a few more “porch-traits”.

Porch-traits posted on – April 25/20

Here are a few “porch-traits”. Seems Judy has been “shut in” too long, Loralei needs our help and Marilyn needs her hairdresser …..really bad!

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